Since shortage of skills is a big challenge that companies face, an increase of investment, in regards to company training programs is something that will benefit everyone: employees, businesses and also, the new hires.

Most of the corporate training institutes aim to enhance their employees’ skill and thereby increase the resources of the company. However, it has been observed, in most cases, that the required output of the programs are not met.

Signellent’s skill-focused Training programs are based on in-depth analysis by our core training team. It involves different metrics, surveys and mapping techniques which identifies the shortcomings in the businesses. In keeping with the above, we design precise training programs for our students/learners. This, we believe, will bridge the gap in imparting skills to the students.

Our Trainings leave a long lasting impact and experience which an individual lugs for his future endeavours with the extreme ROI to our clients.

Our PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING includes all the relevant aspects of the Corporate world that are essential to give a class-apart personality, making you a preferred choice of a Candidate. Mentioned below are the concerned areas of our PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM:

  • World of Soft Skills.
  • Communication – Realm of right words.
  • Etiquettes – Evolution & value in today's corporate world.
  • Positive Thinking – The Amazing machine called – Human Brain.
  • Presentation skills - 360° Understanding.
  • Confidence – A state of mind.
  • Leadership Program – Becoming a leader by creating one.
  • Sales Training :–
  • Retail Sales Skills
  • Tele sales techniques.
  • Expertise in field sales.
  • Train The Trainer.
  • Behavioural Training.