Signellent believes in encouraging new talent, as new talents are the "LIFE" of any industry. The next generation of "Network designers and Developers" come with fresh view-points and innovations which can become an asset to the IT industry. At Signellent, we nurture every individual working with us to make them give their best!

Signellent supports a culture of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and community that attracts the industry's brightest talent. The "Signellent Internship Program" offers an exciting opportunity for you to gain practical experience while doing your internship. There will be opportunities to participate in real time projects. This helps a candidate to have, both, work experience and leadership skills.

This program is carved out for beginners (associates). At Signellent, you are taught the basics of hardware and networking, including Routing and switching for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Apart from the monthly salary, we also pay conveyance / travel (at actual).

At Signellent, you are paid while learning; meaning, YOU’LL EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! Apart from this, you have a possibility of getting a permanent job. Yes, we offer jobs to interns who are “exceptional”. However, this is not a guarantee. The decision is based on your performance and, the management’s final approval.

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During the internship, Signellent Technologies undertakes to:
  • Assigning tasks/activity that is appropriate and relevant to each candidate. The tasks are assigned keeping in mind each candidate's choice and ability.
  • Working as an intern for our undergoing Networking projects.
  • To issue the certificate of Internship, post completion of the course.
  • In providing appropriate work-station, the appropriate technical and scientific knowledge and infrastructure necessary to complete the internship successfully.
  • Working under the expert guidance & supervision.
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